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Online Blackjack Vs. Offline Blackjack - The Differences

As we’ve quickly mentioned in the tips section of our blackjack guide, online casinos have become a great and exciting medium for players all over the world to take on their favorite casino games, imparticularly Blackjack. 

Sure, for some, there is nothing like the atmosphere of big, extravagant Las Vegas casino.  The sound of the spinning slot machines in the background, the feel of the chips between your fingers, the look on everyone’s faces when you hit three blackjacks in a row, The lights and colors.  But for some, this fantasy just isn’t plausible and for others this fantasy isn’t a fantasy at all but a distraction if anything.

This is part of the beauty of online gambling.  Firstly, you will save a small fortune in costs that you may ensue if say, heading to Vegas for a long weekend is your only opportunity to game a game or two of blackjack in.  You save on flights, hotels, meals, parking and much more.  You will also save time, which in today’s world is crucial, in getting ready to go out, making your way to the casino, finding a spot to park and searching for an open game that is n your price range. 

All of these hassles are completely eliminated when you’re playing online.  You have to simply turn on your computer, log in to the casino and hundreds of blackjack games are available to you at the drop of a hat.  You will also have more money for playing since you’ve eliminated all those costly hassles as well. 

As for the atmosphere, sure it’s not the same but the online casinos have done a great job with graphics, features and sounds, that playing at one is actually quite impressive in it’s own right.  And for some, the peace and quiet is a welcome advantage and helps with concentration. Or for non-smokers, there is no need worry that the other players will disturb you with there cigarette smoke (or vice versa – for smokers, smoke away without the hassle of non smoking tables and the uncomfortable feeling of bothering non smokers).

For some players, especially new ones, playing blackjack at a full table can be a little intimidating and mistakes may be made because you feel like you have to rush or if you make the wrong move the person next to you may get upset and you now feel even more uncomfortable.  Well it is a proven fact that the anonymity of playing online helps players to feel more at ease, thus increasing their game.  In an online casino you will find that there are a number of tables for every player level that run at all different speeds, so you will be sure to find one that works for you.  And once you have gotten your game to a level you are comfortable with, then head out to a live table, it can be a lot of fun.

Another advantage of the online casino for the beginner is the ability to practice your game against real players for free or for very low stakes.  Because there is much lower overhead costs and no worry of running out of floor space for the online casino, they can offer a wide variety of blackjack games that can suit just about anyone.  You will find free games, games where minimum bets are 10 cents to a quarter up to high stakes, $100 minimum bet games.  This is also a good way for you to get some practice in and feel more confident before you make the trek out to the land casino.  And since floor space is not an issue, you will always be sure to find a game with a spot for you, and if not, then you can create a new table with your special requirements met. 

It is a common fact that casinos are known to hand out comps to their players, but this luxury is usually reserved for the high rollers.  At almost every online casino, you will find that they offer a players point system of some sort.  Because of the use of technology it is easy to track how much a player has been playing and points are stored for use at a later date.  These points are typically good for buying merchandise, entering tournaments or sometimes in even cash is rewarded for a certain number of points or credits.

And finally, again thanks to technology, the online casinos have the ability to offer many features that are impossible to find at a land casino.  For example, you can review past hands that you have played, see how much, exactly you have spent and won throughout your history at the casino and you can keep notes – on other players, on your strategy or on anything you like.  And if human contact is one of the things you enjoy at a land game of blackjack, every online casino offers a chat feature where you can congratulate, encourage or just chat up other players while you’re playing.
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