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Blackjack Tips - Helpful tips when playing blackjack

When it comes to blackjack tips, the most important tip to give is to figure out what your particular strategy is and what makes you most comfortable at the table and master it. Practice does make perfect and although, with a game like blackjack, where the luck of the cards plays a pretty big role in the outcome, you will never win every hand. But you can teach yourself how to play your cards right (with the best odds at winning the hand) and you can learn to control your surroundings.  Put together you will notice that these two factors will make you the best possible Blackjack player you can be (and a little good luck never hurt anyone).

Firstly, we recommend that you take a look at and understand the basic Blackjack strategy that has been developed to aid players into making the best possible move depending on the situation they are faced with.  We have described this strategy in our blackjack strategy section on this website, where the use of tables make strategy really easy to understand.  And if you are playing a game of online blackjack, we advise you to print these tables and keep them handy for quick reference.

Sometimes the advice of the basic strategy tables don’t result in a winning hand, so try not to get frustrated.  In the long run it will pay off and no one can predict the cards that are being dealt.  Taking risks are a key factor in all gambling activities so if you’ve been playing it safe and following the charts but it’s just not paying off and on your next hand, “your gut” tells you to stand on 16 when the chart says hit, go for it. 

Another tip that is useful for many players is to always think positively.  If you are happy and excited about your game, feeling like you will win on the next hand and just having a good time, your chances at winning will in fact increase.  Negative feelings can cloud your judgment and put you off your game, this is where mistakes will be made.  Of you are too anxious, you may also get thrown of course and make a crucial mistake. 

Also, you don’t want to get too greedy.  If you are on a wining streak, don’t think that you are unbeatable and bet an irrational amount of money or hit when your strategy clearly screams not to.  This is a big mistake that people make, so when you win, take it in good form and continue playing the way you have been, your ending results will probably be more favorable.

This leads us to our next tip.  When you are on a winning streak, tip the dealer.  For one it is simply just common courtesy, secondly it will make him happy and result in you feeling good, putting you in a more positive mood.  And what a lot of people don’t know is that a happy dealer can actually help improve your game.  A blackjack dealer has been around the game a lot and is typically very clever when it comes to strategy.  There are no laws forbidding the dealer to help you with your game.  So all in all tipping is good for all parties, the dealer is happy and will look out for you if you’ve for some reason made a crucial mistake, after all he wants you to keep on winning.

If the dealer is showing an Ace, the players are offered an opportunity to buy insurance.  We and almost any professional blackjack player will advise anyone not to fall for this trap and never buy insurance.  It is just a way for the house to get a little more money off the player and although sometimes the dealer will have blackjack, in the long run, you will lose a lot more if you opt for this side bet.  It is also advised not to make any other side bets that might be available.  Stick to your cards and focus on your strategy, side bets are distracting and don’t typically pay off.

And finally, why not try playing blackjack online.  Today the online casino market is growing and carries a large variety of high reputation and highly recommended online casinos.  To many, this option is very favorable compared to heading out to a land game.  You can play in the comfort of your own home, there are no people around to intimidate you, you can keep cheat sheets near by for help, online casinos can offer low bet games that are impossible to find at land casinos and because of a lot of competition, many online casinos will offer free money to play with when you open an account with them.  These venues can also be great for practice and can really help you bring your strategy up to speedy before you plunge into bigger and/or live games.

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