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The Blackjack Table - Learn about the blackjack table below 

The Blackjack table is typically semi-circular in shape.  The dealer stands behind the straight side and the blackjack players sit or stand along the curved part of the table.  The tables can usually host up to 7 players and each player will have a clearly marked area for their action.  For example, there will always be an area in the shape of a circle or square where the player places their bets.  And in some cases an area for the player to neatly keep their chips and a personal cup holder for their drink.  The seat to the dealers left is known as “first base” and the seat directly to the players right is called “third base”.

It is important for the players to know the specific rules of the blackjack game that they are playing so somewhere either printed directly on the table or on a sign, placed next to or on the table, you will find the minimum and maximum bet allowance and at what total the dealer must stand on.  You will also often find the pay outs clearly printed for achieving certain hands or bets, such as, what the house pays out for a blackjack and what they will pay out if you win an insurance bet. 

Also found on the blackjack table, in the dealers area, will be his/her tray of chips that he uses to store losing bets, payout winners and exchange for cash.  On one side of the tray you will typically find a money slot, this is where the dealer places any cash that has been exchanged for chips.  On the other side of his chip tray, you will find the shoe.  The shoe is the device that hold all the decks of cards from which the dealer uses to deal out the cards.

Blackjack Table

Description of the above bullets:

1. Used card shoe (This is where cards that have already been used in a round are placed and await cutting and reshuffling).

2. Table limits (Generally regardless of whether you play online blackjack or offline there are table limits you must abide by. In most cases there is a minimum and a maximum wager requirement).

3. Money slot (This is where the money is placed after it has been exchanged for chips).

4. Dealer chip set (These chips belong to the dealer and can only be handled by the active dealer at the table).

5. Dealer hand (This is the hand dealt to the dealer the one which you must beat in order to win a round in blackjack).

6. First base (This is the first base where a player can sit in order to place wagers).

7. Table payout (The payout for blackjack is usually located right on the felt between the dealers hands and the table bases).

8. Chip selection (This is only applicable to online casino blackjack in which case you are required to select the amount you want to wager on a round).

9. Dealer card shoe (This is where the cards are deal from).

10. Second base

11. Third base

12. Fourth base

13. Fifth base

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