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Blackjack Etiquette - The do's and don't when playing blackjack

If you want to be taken seriously as a blackjack player or just want improve your knowledge and ease of the game then it is important to learn and put in use these simple practices known as blackjack “table manners”.  Most of these conducts are only applicable in a land based casino but some will apply online as well.

Firstly, find out if you are playing a London Deal game or a Nevada deal game.  In London Deal you are dealt your cards face up and are not allowed to touch your cards at any time during the game.  In Vegas Deal, your cards are dealt face down and you are allowed to handle them (just do it as little as possible).  You can be thrown out of a game if you don’t follow these rules.  And in both cases, once your bet has been made and the round begins, never touch your bet again (you may be accused of trying to up or lower your bet once you’ve seen your cards).

Since many casinos are known to be quite noisy and distracting, a code of hand signals has been developed so the dealer doesn’t need to strain to here the player and can concentrate on keeping their eyes on the cards.  If you would like a hit, tap or brush your fingers on the table behind your cards.  If you are allowed to handle the cards then either tap or lightly brush your cards on the table.  If you are satisfied and want to stand just simply wave your hand above your cards.  If you are playing a Vegas deal game, you can also slide your cards under your bet. 

As mentioned above, you are not allowed to touch your bet once the game is in play.  Therefore if you wish to double down, place this bet beside your original, not on top.  And if you choose to buy insurance, there is normally an area on the table to make this bet, of not, also place it beside your initial.

This manner goes for players who are enjoying a game in a land casino and online.  It is common courteousy to respect your fellow players and treat them as you would like to be treated.  For example, congratulate them when they make a good call or receive a blackjack and if for example, they hit at a point when they shouldn’t have and took a card that would’ve benefited you, keep any unpleasant comments to yourself.  You can be kicked out of a game for being rude and unpleasant to others who are just trying to have some fun. This goes for online games as well; don’t think that you can get away with unpleasantries just because you can’t physically see the other players.

And finally, staying on the same page as the last point, respect the dealer.  If he/she is dealing you a losing streak for example, don’t take it out on them, they are just doing their job.  And it is also common courteousy to tip, or in casino talk, to “toke” the dealer. You do not have to give up a large portion of your winnings but if you are on a winning streak or are dealt a blackjack on a big bet then it won’t break your bank to show the dealer a little love.  If you’ve been playing for a while and quit while you’re on top, you should give the dealer a little something before you leave the table.  But if you are busted and leave with nothing, or very little, don’t feel like you still have to leave a tip, it is not necessary in these instances.  Of course, if you are playing online the dealer is not really a physical person so tipping is not practiced in these types of casinos.

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